Sunday, November 02, 2008


Alas, my hour has returned to me after its months-long daylight savings switcharoo in March.

Rhythm is restored.


Peaceful sleep.

I've heard the ancients believed that life is best lived in sync with nature, the embracing of cyclic changes. We are, after all creatures, like it or not. Intelligence does not pre-empt our natural needs. There are no genuine shortcuts to good health and sanity. Life is a long, patient process. Wise to live accordingly.

One look at nature in autumn and winter testifies that slowing down is required. Cessation of busyness. Foods that warm, long, dark nights for rejuvenating sleep. Solace for spiritual reflecting - seeing and listening undisturbed.

Illness creeps in when rhythms are ignored. Exhaustion, irritation.

It's okay to slow down - it's more than okay, it's necessary.

For health.

And peace.

And quiet growth.


thebookbaglady said...

It was good to see you today...even for a fleeting moment. We had to leave early for an app't.
Love, Gretchen

Cherie said...

I'm elated that we actually were close enough for our hands to clasp, if even for a moment.

We are making progress, Gretchen.


Sandy said...

The time changing means I will be inside more often. I'm not a cold weather person and working outside is going to truly test me and the cold skin that I hate to have. I will miss being outside though, I do love having the sunshine on my back or in my face. That one extra hour of sleep was so wonderful this morning!

Cherie said...

I miss the sunshine already, too, Sandy. We're having rain - which I've missed and I do love - but when it lasts too long, well, I do miss the sun! We're supposed to get some sunshine at the end of the week. I'll try to get out in it. I hope you find some gentle autumn sun for your face, too.

tshsmom said...

I'm always thrilled to escape my DST limbo. I don't feel right until the time returns to "normal".

I feel the same way about entering the winter season. I tend to slow down and savor life more this time of year.

deanna said...

I'm with you in this - the need to take the time we need. Well said, Cherie. I'm also (reading ahead) soo glad to hear Sammy's feeling like his old self.

Cherie said...

Tshs: Limbo. Good way to put it. Slowing and savoring with you!

Deanna: Rest is all the more wonderful after a season of busyness, isn't it. Thanks for rejoicing with us about Sammy, too.