Saturday, November 15, 2008

No and YES

Yesterday I was bummed. No good reason. Just general bummishness.

Because one of our cars was being repaired I had to drive the girls to their class, the last thing I wanted to do.

Sitting in on Cassie and Caroline’s Shakespeare class yesterday was just the fun-fix I needed. All the kids were jolly! All of them. The teacher, full of energy and humor, created an hour and a half of sweet synergy.

While watching and listening to the teacher give direction, lend perspective, and evoke emotion with the kids in rapt attention, I felt cranky sluggishness ooze out my toes and fingers quickly replaced by tingling engagement pumping up from tailbone to scalp.

People of all sorts had come together to share, to teach and learn. More than an observer, I found myself drawn into the craft of acting as it was playing out around me.

Cooperation. Understanding. Kindness. Giggles.

Sometimes cynicism gets the better of me.

Thankfully - now and again - life intervenes in special ways to make a resounding YES out of my poopy no.

And I’m happier because of it.

And so are those around me.


Gardenia said...

I too came out of the yucks by being with people the last few days! You always find such beauty in life events...

tony said...

Kids Have A Virus-Like Energy!

deanna said...

That teacher helps the class environment so much with her enthusiasm and love of the art of acting, not to mention her teaching/directing skills. I'm glad you were in on it at the right moment. :o)

Cherie said...

Thanks, Gardenia! Glad you came out of the yucks, too. You and me, kid.

Tony: Yes, a good sort of virus which I could use more hits of!

Deanna: You know it, kiddo!

tshsmom said...

Enthusiasm IS infectious!

This time of year I'm always surrounded by grumps at work. I'm forced to actively seek out any spark of enthusiasm I can find. :(

Cherie said...

I hope some enthusiasm find you, Tshs, and soon. It's easy to get sucked into the grumpiness, and hard to find the joyous sometimes.

"Bloom where you're planted," my mom used to say. It's not so easy as it sounds.