Monday, November 24, 2008

Where We Live

"Modern American culture is fairly empty of any suggestion that one's relationship to the land, to consumption and food, is a religious matter. But it's true; the decision to attend to the health of one's habitat and food chain is a spiritual choice. It's also a political choice, a scientific one, a personal and a convivial one. It's not a choice between living in the country or the town; it is about understanding that every one of us, at the level of our cells and respiration, lives in the country and is thus obliged to be mindful of the distance between ourselves and our sustenance." ~~ Barbara Kingsolver


tshsmom said...

Nice quote!

Gardenia said...

Definitely! Thank you for that post!

Cherie said...

Thanks, friends!

cecily said...

Hey I recognise this quote! I loved it the first time, and I love it now. Thanks Cherie.

Momentary Madness said...

"All these jackoffs at the office
The rapist in the pool
Oh and the tragedies in the nurseries
Little kids packin' guns to school
The ulcerated ozone
These tumors of the skin
This hostile sun beating down on
This massive mess we're in!
And the gas leaks
And the oil spills"

........ and we are so far removed from our nature.......... " Indian chiefs with their old beliefs know
The balance is undone crazy ions
You can feel it out in traffic
Everyone hates everyone"

Cherie said...

You're welcome, Cecily! I think it was you who recommended the book to me in the first place. :)

MM: As always, you come up with lyrics that perfectly reflect the meaning of the post. Thanks.