Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Workin' Hard

Tom cut down the wall between two tiny bedrooms creating a family room. Wow! What a difference. The free part is done. Demolition. Plus covering up narrow trenches between the floors with rugs, ignoring grungy walls, and strategically placing wall hangings. By snagging pieces of furniture from other rooms, including outdoor furniture, we've managed to make a livable space for the winter. Saving up for the remodel and new furniture will take time.

One of Tom's favorite tools.

Caroline stands victorious on the old wall. (The unfinished Dutch door leads to the new addition. We are waiting to finish the door until after we remodel, knowing it may suffer a bit of abuse during the process.)

Sammy is confused!

The weirdest thing is how our brains are so fully on auto-pilot about the floor plan of our house. We are still entering the new space, pausing, shaking our heads, and letting our brains figure it all out. It's pretty funny.

Still temporarily existing are the two doorways with doors still up, which now lead into the one new room, rather that the original two. Cassie, deep in conversation, got up from her seat in the new, rustic room, walked out one door, into the hall, and through the other door in order to reach the other side of the room. She just stood there cracking up once she realized what she'd done. We all laughed.

It takes a lot to get over a habit. What is it, fifty repetitions in a row to break one? Something like that.

No wonder it's so hard to change. It takes determination to muster that kind of conscientiousness. And dedication.

And paying attention to where you're going!

Right, Cassie?


Cassie said...


Cherie said...

Cassie: ;D

tshsmom said...

L loves his recip saw too. It's one of the few tools that I'm hopeless with. All I do is break blades. :(

Remodeling can be quite traumatic for the animals. Hairry always thinks we're packing up to leave and lays by the door so we won't forget him.

Cherie said...

Aw, Hairry! What a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

It was fun with a great result.

deanna said...

Have fun as your brains adjust, and your house gets closer to the end result. :o)

Cherie said...

Thanks, Deanna. Still a little confused, but smiling! Love the extra space.