Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obese Petite

Guess who I saw on our fence last night as I was out feeding the cat?

Yes, Gollum!! I least, I think it's him. He's so fat!

Ben says we must have taught him well how to steal from pet dishes all over town. Hmm.

Joe says it's the fattest 'possum he's ever seen. "Even his tail is fat!"

The girls think he's adorable, all plump and calm.

Not sure if it's our old Gollum or not, but he didn't run off when we approached him to take his picture. He just sat there looking sweet (?) as we looked and marveled at the...

...World's Fattest 'Possum!!

Good grief.

(You know you live in an abundant place when opossums eat so very well.)


tony said...

i dont think i have ever seem a picture of a Possum before........is it true you make Pies out of them?

Cherie said...

I'm still chuckling at your comment, Tony. I don't know anyone who makes pies out of opossums, but, like you, I've heard rumors. Yuck.

I hope no pie-makers find Gollum! They'd make enough pies out of him for a Thanksgiving Day feast!

Robyn said...

Awwww, he's cute! Thanks for popping in btw :)

tshsmom said...

Yup, that's one fat possum! That boy's got more chins than I do. ;)

deanna said...

Amazing. Do you think he needs to go gluten-free?

Angela said...

weird. opossums are real. i thought they only existed in movies about poor white people and guns.

Sandy said...

What a riot. You taught him well, and if it's not him, perhaps he taught others what you taught him! The seed has been planted!

Cherie said...

Robyn, he is, isn't he! You're welcome!

Tshs: Ha! I hadn't noticed the chins but he DOES have a bunch of them, you're right!

Deanna: I think he needs calorie-free!

Angela: Ah, the stereo-types of Hollywood.

Sandy: Yep, the seed has been planted. I wonder if the day will come when fat opossums will line up on our fence waiting for the cat to finish his food so they can fight over the leftovers? Heaven forbid!