Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Relief. It's over.

No more campaigning. The healing begins.

At the end of the race Senators McCain and Obama gave stirring speeches patriotic and unifying. Each one made me cry.

For this wisdom, honor, and character I am grateful.

As we remove the campaign signs may we also put away our hostilities, letting loose the dove of peace. There is more that unites than divides. It has always been so.

Last night our nation's furniture was rearranged, some new pieces brought in, some old retired. The lay-awayed political living room looks much different. Is the adjusted feng-shui going to be favorable or unfavorable?

Last night half of our voting citizenry went to bed jubilant and half feeling hollow. Hopefully with the sun arose clarity. We are, after all, Americans. Underneath the passionate disagreement we have huge, loving hearts.

Last night a brand new, silver-tongued Commander-in-Chief was given the keys to the kingdom. He has promised a seemingly endless, succulent feast on a table labeled 'Change'. Is he the water-to-wine chef people deem him to be?

Let's hope this inspirational, though unseasoned, President-elect knows more than how to make political mac and cheese from a box and if not, that he has the sense to surround himself with great chefs who can quickly teach him the moves. Our nation needs a sustaining meal - and fast!

Let there be no gloating or whining. Let there be compassion and hope. Together we are strong. Together we are wise. Together we long to be good, to do better, to make a positive difference in our communities, our states, our nation, and our world. Together we learn the lessons of history even as we forge ahead toward a future energized by vigorous campaigns which showed us our hearts, helped us find our voices - democratic, republican, and parties soon to make their mark - we converse, and in so doing find our balance.

Thank you, Senator McCain, for your on-going service to our country and for running a solid campaign. We know you'll continue to be a key leader in the days to come. We count on it.

Thank you, Senator Obama, for being a gracious winner. Your soothing tone does much toward bringing opposing hands together in healing clasps. There, in those hands, lies the strength of this nation.

Congratulations to all political parties on all levels for exhibiting to the world what feisty, awakened democracy in action looks like! Well done.


Momentary Madness said...

Glorious day. Amen.
God may not get involved in politics but Obama seemed to come when the world needed something to lean on, to carry on with hope.

Cherie said...

MM - True, true. But Hitler came when Germany needed something to lean on, too. Just saying.

As with most elections, it's too early to tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Time will tell.

For now, I remain cautiously optimistic. Just as I would have if McCain had won.

Does my optimism come from idealism? Or is it merited?

Does such caution come from living several decades? Or am I a bit of a worrywart?

tshsmom said...

Great analogies!

"Time will tell" has been my mantra today also. Obama has a huge mess to clean up before he can make any changes.

liz crumlish said...

Cherie I love your measured and thoughtful response - today and yesterday(and in lots of other posts you write). Wish I could be so circumspect. But its now the hard work begins and there is much to be done, lots to be negotiated before any change can even begin to be effective. You're just sharing the wisdom of experience and I salute you for that.

Sandy said...

Well done indeed. I look forward to less political comments by the advertisements, and more rolling up the sleeves to get what needs to get done, done!

Cherie said...

Thanks, Tshs, Liz, and Sandy. Rolling up the sleeves is right, the hard work begins, and time will tell.