Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Heart

Today with gratitude in our hearts for the good you give our bodies, we thank you, turkey, humanely taken, respectfully roasted, eaten with appreciation...the circle of life.

To all who celebrate with me the Thanksgiving Holiday I wish you a bountiful day! May your food be perfectly prepared, may your energy be high, may your love flow freely, may your heart find its proper response to God, and may your in-laws leave before the leftovers are gone!


tshsmom said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING Cherie and family!

Sandy said...

Yes the in laws were at my house and now are gone. Thankful for good cooking and the ability to have it!

deanna said...

Hey, thanks, all those wishes came true for me. :o) Happiness to you in your warm home, Cherie.

tony said...

I Hope You & Yours Had A Great THANKSGIVING.
Bestest Wishes

Cherie said...

Tshs: Hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic!

Sandy: Yes, good cooking and the ability to have it!

Deann: Yay!! Happiness to you, too.

Tony: We did and thanks for the good wishes!