Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sweet Contentment

I had one of those moments today, you know the kind, where your body pulses with pink faced contentment. Oh my goodness.

Joe showed me a paper he had written for an art class at Gutenberg College. Marked with glowing comments from his tutor, and a circled capital 'A', the paper painted such a vivid picture that my blood warmed and my mouth turned up in a smile. The insights, the sophistication, the simplicity stopped my breath in my throat. It was great.

Then I thought about my other kids, and my husband, and the things they do which amaze me. Maybe they aren't grand world-changing things, but to me, they are marvelous.

Caroline made a batch of dinner rolls using one of Emeril's recipes and they beat any rolls I've ever made! They are ready for the Thanksgiving table. Such satisfaction, yet nonchalance. Hmmm. No big deal to her. She can do anything. I've always told her so.

Cassie can grow pumpkins, cut 'em up, cook 'em, squish 'em, and bake them up in pies that rival anything anyone's ever tasted, and I'm serious. She makes it look easy.

Ben sails with glee, abandon, and confidence. He takes beautiful photos that make me cry. He paid for and graduated college, manages a household full of young adults, works a full-time job, enjoys outdoor life in Oregon, and still has time for us, his family.

Tom never stops learning. He honestly believes he can fix or build anything on this house and he DOES. Anything. He amazes me, when I'm not taking him for granted.

Joe, yes, he writes beautifully. Like Ben, he pushes his boundaries outward, outward, outward, never settling, always seeking. Why, this spring the boy up and flew to England on his own just because he'd always dreamed of such a thing. Now he attends Gutenberg College where finally, after years of not finding his niche, he's found a place that matches his curiosity, a place which does not disappoint. He's working hard, full of energy, getting excellent grades. Purpose makes all the difference.

And then I think of me, the mom to these kids, the wife of Tom, and I am astonished and humbled at what has taken place in our lives in the last quarter century. To most it would seem like nothing. No big house. No new cars. No big paychecks, no nice clothes, nor celebrity. But to me, it is living, real living. Living that challenges, that satisfies. Simplicity. Mindfulness. It fits, and I like

Grace of God.