Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hitting Closer to Home

Today I learned of three loved ones who are now unemployed. Three. In one day.

And another is days away from being laid off with a wife and young family to feed.

Salaries are decreasing to keep businesses afloat, to keep employees employed.

Economic skidding and crashing has reached into all our homes with its upsets and challenges.

It used to be that once a job was lost another was quickly found. No prob.

But now - well, it's not certain another will be found right away.

Is this what the Great Depression felt like, this uncertainty?

At the same time there is gratitude for what we have. Tom is employed and so are the boys. Times are normal for us in that regard but it feels more precious now as we witness the losses of others and as we realize it could very easily happen to us. Why not?

Every choice to purchase is weighed against that void of unknowing called 'the future.'

And every moment that we share is noticed. We notice the quiet evenings safe and warm and well-fed. We notice the children happy and pursuing interests. We notice pay-checks and groceries. We notice all that is free - walks around the park, raking leaves together, star-gazing. And we notice the comfort of good choices made which could pad us for awhile from a crash that may come this way.

If this is another depression what will we call it?

Let's hope it's the Small Depression. Or the Insignificant Depression. Or the Short Depression.

Or the Little Blip.

May this post find you warm, comfortable, safe, and content in the midst of those you love!


Sandy said...

Cherie, we are so susceptible to instant destruction. We have felt it many times before, but we still live like we are indestructible. Perhaps that's a good thing. Losing a job is devestating. I hope your family members can get through this tough time ahead and find a work quickly.

tshsmom said...

Our son-in-law's company will be eliminating over 500 jobs in the next few weeks.
As for us? Our boss is constantly hovering on the edge of bankruptcy. She's clueless about handling her finances. :(

Cherie said...

Sandy, it's a tie that seems to bind us all, isn't it, our fragile existences which we often don't notice - not until we feel a blow behind the knees or see someone receive such a whack. Thanks for your good wishes!

Tshs: Yipes! This is a story that is roaming around in every single community in our country, isn't it. It makes us appreciate what we have even while we think think think of ways to combat the problem. I hope your son-in-law is spared or has another job he can hop over to. And as for you guys with your zany boss-woman, crossing our fingers, toes, and eyes that she stays in business!