Friday, November 07, 2008


Inevitably facets of life become askew. Reality and understanding fork. Exaggeration and limited access add to misconception.

Time for a reality check. While I don't always like what I discover - sometimes fantastical renditions of actuality are more appealing or inspiring - I do find that doggedly seeking clarity offers depth of understanding which presents definitive choices, rather than illusional muddy waters.

Recently grappling with a matter, I've found my conception of it disappointing. Or was it? The truth, while not the fairy tale I had conjured, freed me. The grounding of my flighty notions not only shrunk my perspective to its natural size but allowed me to straighten my own posture in the realization that the truth is not so daunting as I had imagined. When compared to a giant we feel tiny. When compared to a mere human, well, the air is easier to breath somehow.

While I have a long way to go in the journey before me there is invigorated strength in my legs and a true confidence that, in spite of past shrinking before heros, I've been making progress just the same.


cecily said...

I was about to say 'this is so vague Cherie the meaning is eluding me' but then I remembered you did warn us with that title! Um... glad you're making progress in whatever it is you're making progress in! ;-)

Joyce's Journey said...

Progress is good, however it comes to be.

Cherie said...

Cecily, yes vague is right. Sometimes I write these really, well, abstruse posts. (I really like that word: abstruse.) They are a way of marking milestones for me - private ones - here on the blog. I will always remember the background, the incident or enlightening moment that prompted the words.

For you readers, well, yeah, you are privy to the knowledge that I had an inward moment that means something quite remarkable to me.

I'm sure you have moments like that, too. They're good to remember, aren't they. And they are better kept private - but yet, vaguely shared.

Yes, Joyce, and it can come in any number of surprising ways!

Thanks to you both for commenting on this, I'll admit it, weird post.