Saturday, November 29, 2008

Skype and Such

On Thanksgiving, using Skype, I called my aunt and uncle - my dad's older brother by two years - who live in Arizona. My folks and the Arizona loved-ones miss each other, haven't visited in person for years. Phone calls are their only means of communication these days.

My aunt has installed a camera on her computer. (I plan to use Christmas money for a camera of my own.) I called Dad into the computer room and he, wearing a headset, talked for a good long while watching his brother and sister-in-law in real-time on my monitor screen.

Then Mom put the headset on and talked with her favorite sister-in-law, chatting as they used to when they were neighbors and would sip coffee while visiting at the dining room table.

Both my parents enjoyed the surreal experience. My aunt and uncle were pleased for the opportunity as well.

Marveling at the sight of four octogenarians having a conversation regions apart via high-tech wizardry astonished me, warmed me, created deep contentment on a jovial Thanksgiving Day.



And while the grandparents played on the computer, the kids played cards!

Is this backwards or what!


tshsmom said...

Our webcam is the only thing that makes living so far from our daughter bearable!
I wish my parents would get into the webcam more. You'd think they'd be thrilled to see their granddaughter, but they always seem anxious to get offline. :(

Mike S said...

Same in our very scattered clan. Just sent you a cartoon I saw the other day that this reminded me of:)

tony said...

We Have Come A Long Way From this !

Momentary Madness said...

That's what makes 2000 special.
Yes, there are some good things in life.

Cherie said...

Tshs: It helps keep them close, doesn't it, the webcam. Are we going to be funny old people, too, you and me, on our ice floe??

Mike: Thanks for the cartoon! Hilarious.

Tony: Yes, yes we have. Yellow Jack! Thanks for the jolly link.

MM: 2000 does indeed have some unique, worthwhile things. You are most welcome!

tshsmom said...

Hard to tell how we'll react to new technology, isn't it. Right now I'm open-minded and try to adapt technology to our uses. When I'm 80, I dunno.
I'm afraid if we don't adapt, the kids WILL set us adrift on that ice floe. ;)

Anonymous said...

What fun to relive our "on-line" chat and to see your mom and dad in action. I'm glad I didn't listen to myself saying "you're too old for this!!" We have such joy over Skype. Thanks again Cherie for your loving consideration of us us 'oldsters'.Aunt Joyce and Uncle Floyd