Monday, November 10, 2008

NaBloPoMo and Me

Okay. So, I've noticed something on this tenth day of NaBloPoMo. Posting every day is sucking away too much of my free time.

It's not the posting, mind you. That doesn't take very long. It's actually a good way to take a short break in my day.

No, it's the lingering at the computer reading everyone else's blogs that passes time in rapid speed. The blogs I follow are so interesting!

After catching up on post-reading, I read the news. Then, I look to see what movies have come out to rent, what's on television, how to cook Delicata Squash (otherwise known as potato squash, sweet potato squash, or Bohemian squash. See the things I learn in my dawdling time?).

It's true that an object at rest tends to stay at rest.

Must reach down and find that pool of self-control within, so I can post each day this month - and not gain weight! - and keep the mold off my spirits - and keep in touch with the tangible world - and prove to myself that I, as a balanced woman, can do it all!

Yes, I will stop right now. I've done my good deed for the day here. No, I don't need to find a recipe for cooking parsnips, one of the last things my CSA box delivered, along with the pretty squashes that I really don't want to cook but use as Thanksgiving decorations. Huh, I wonder if there are any good websites on arranging winter squashes in an interesting way for the Holiday table?

Google...oh, no no...

Get up! Get up! Get up!


deanna said...

I hear you! Though I don't have to find recipes or TV schedules (other people way ahead of me there). But reading other blogs, and literary websites, and Publisher's Lunch...

Well, I did balance the checkbook, so now I can breeze through blogs awhile. :o)

Sandy's Notes said...

Thanks for the giggle. Look it this way, you're filling your brain with knowledge, and knowledge as we all know is priceless! Should I say timeless too!

On the part we're you're spending too much time reading other blogs, thanks for visiting!

Cherie said...

Deanna, like you I find that using my internet time as reward after I've done something 'important' works pretty well. I didn't balance the checkbook, but cleaned out a HUGE closet and moved a bunch of books to another room. (Ah, my aching back...) We're getting in gear for our Phase Two. Mercy!

Sandy, your blog is one of my first visits every day, if not THE first. Yes, filling my brain with knowledge - there are worse things. At least I'm not just playing mindless games or something, right?

cecily said...

Hahaha... I thought it was just me whiling away endless hours in blog land! I've been feeling quite stressed the last week and a half, and it has gradually dawned on me that NaBloPoMo is increasing my stress levels! Your post just confirms it!

Cherie said...

Cecily, another thing I'm noticing is that when a person blogs every day postings don't get to sit and 'ripen' like they do when they have more time to be the 'top post'. Know what I mean?

All is all I'm glad I'm doing it, though, as it's an adventure. "Forced posting" like forced flowers out of season. I guess there's a purpose for it, if only for the experiment.

tshsmom said...

I'm sticking with Sandy's attitude! ;)
I, too, use blogging as my reward system. Homeschool research is another story. It's soooo easy to get sidetracked onto many, many, fascinating facts. My brain is stuffed to overflowing with historical and scientific tidbits that I didn't know before. It's so exciting...and addictive.

Melanie said...

Oh man. I spend so much time at the computer! It's bad! Usually, I'm not even posting. I'm just reading everyone else's post.

Parsnips... mmmm! Just discovered those this winter. My favorite way to eat them is to cut them into matchstick slices or cubes, toss them with a little olive oil and kosher salt, and bake them in a 425 oven until tender (about 40 minutes). Mmmmm!!!!

Cherie said...

Melanie, you've saved the day. I STILL HAVE the parsnips and now I know what to do with them. I cook sweet potatoes that way, too, so maybe I'll mix the two for a colorful veggie side-dish.

Thanks a BUNCH for sharing your recipe! Appreciate it.