Friday, November 14, 2008

Break in the Rain

The sun is shining. The sky is blue. Leaves swirl through the air like golden snowflakes.

Lentil soup bubbles on the stove.

Sam is sun-bathing on the porch.

Tom is painting trim boards in the back yard.

The girls are debating and sculpting in their classes.

I've just finished exercising. Endorphins! Life is goooood.

My mind is full of holiday menus and table settings, chores to complete, turkey-dominated shopping lists, and lectures on why I should tackle the mountain of laundry and fast.

Multi-tasking. The body doing one thing, the mind several others.

An ordinary day in November.

(How I thank God for ordinary days!!)


cecily said...

Like you say, the little things! (I was particularly taken with the lentil soup... got into that myself this winter. And the laundry... ARGHH please don't remind me. I haven't ironed for months!)

thebookbaglady said...

Laundry?? Sometimes I just consider going and buying more underwear.

I love the island on the top of your page. It reminds me of the San Juans, where my sister lives. Where is it?
Love, Gretchen

Sandy's Notes said...

Me too, normal, simple, and sweet, the recipe to a great day!

Cherie said...

Cecily: My ironing board is broken. And my pile is growing. I shall have to buy a new board - but I think I'll take my time... ;)

BBL: Yes, I do consider just buying a few more packs of the underthings. But the dresser drawers are crammed! What to do??!!

The island is in southeast Alaska. One of my favorite places IN THE WORLD!

Sandy; In the words of Sarah Palin...You Betcha! ;)

tshsmom said...

When SME was a teen, she regarded "ordinary" days as boring. I told her that exciting days usually involve our lives falling apart at the seams. She discovered the truth in this statement when she became an adult. Now she revels in the boring, "ordinary" days too. ;)

Cherie said...

I am constantly amazed at the things I was told but didn't take to heart as a youth - things such as this. Only after living awhile does the truth of them ring out. SME is a sensible woman. Glad she has come to appreciate the 'ordinary' days.