Sunday, November 07, 2010

November 7, 2010: A Little Yeast

One dark and stormy night.

One small pup sleeping in his bed.

One married couple sleeping in theirs.

One silent poof from under pup's tail.

Two people now semi-conscious, gasping for air, scrambling, diving under the covers, fanning the air, coughing, choking.

Just as a little yeast leaveneth the whole bunch, so does a little poof stinketh up the entire large, gable-ceilinged bedroom.

"He must've eaten the cat's food again."

"Uh huh."

Ugh, sigh, sleep. Repeat several times.

Weird dreams.


Sandy said...

oh my, thanks for this giggle. I'm going to have to share this with the men I work with. They do the poofing thing all the time!

Cherie said...

Sandy, have the men been eating the cat's food again? Sigh....


cecily said...

Giggle :-) This is so why I have chickens not an inside dog... chickens in a hen house in a backyard a long way from the house!!

Cherie said...

True, Cecily. But it's been my experience that men are not far behind the 'poofing joys' of dogs. Oh, and dogs are more cuddly than chickens. That being said, fresh eggs are hard to beat!