Friday, November 05, 2010

November 5, 2010: Laughter

I laughed...and that was the end of the argument. He knows I am done, how can I continue my diatribe once my shell is cracked with his accidental humor. He swoops in for a hug. Then, a quick kiss. I punch at him, but still, I'm laughing. So is he.

"Oh you! You made me laugh. I'm not finished being angry."

Oh, but I am.

My brain stops producing the stress hormones it was pumping only a second ago. My breathing deepens. Muscles relax.

Crisis averted.

Fight. Or Flight. Or Laugh.

It really is the Best Medicine.


cecily said...

Totally with you there Cherie! I think laughing is such a nice way to fizzle out of an argument. It means I've realised how ridiculous I'm being and can let it go. Or not let it go even though it is ridiculous :-)

Cherie said...

It really IS hard sometimes, to let go. Sometimes I don't think we should let go - anger can be justified. It's the not getting carried away part that I battle with.