Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010: 'Sunny and WARM'

Heard from Ben's bosses just now via e-mail. In La Paz, Mexico, they report that, while there were some challenging seas everyone is still alive. (Whew...) The weather is '85 degrees and the water 76-78 degrees! Sunny and WARM!!'

I'll let the photos Sam and Nancy sent me of Ben speak for themselves. (In case you are new to my blog, Ben, my eldest, is crewing for Sam and Nancy on their 42' sailboat along the shores of Mexico. As you can see, it's a rough life.)

I think you can agree that Mexico agrees with my son.

Nothing like snagging a big fish out of the ocean...or so I'm told.

Twelve pound tuna and one happy fisherman.

Sam and Ben in the cabin of the Windfall.

Ben snorkeling somewhere off the Mexican coast. Since I adore swimming, I really turn green with envy when I look at this photo. And then I grin with delight. What an adventure!

Thanks, Sam and Nancy, for letting me use your photos of my son!


deanna said...

Wow, yes, an adventure he'll never forget. Nice to see the photos!

Cherie said...

Sam and Nancy thrilled me by sending the photos. It's so good to see my boy beaming, healthy, happy. Living the dream! Glad you like them, too, Deanna.