Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 14, 2010: World Diabetes Day

At this point most everyone knows at least one person inflicted with diabetes. Today marks World Diabetes Day, the purpose of which is to educate and prevent. Diabetes can be avoided, controlled, or even reversed with medicines, diet, and exercise.
"In 1985, an estimated 30 million people worldwide had diabetes. A little over a decade later, the figure had risen to over 150 million. Today, according to International Diabetes Federation figures, it exceeds 285 million. Unless action is taken to implement effective prevention and control programmes, IDF predicts that the total number of people with diabetes will reach 435 million by 2030."
That's an expectation of 150 million people inflicted with this debilitating disease in thirty years for an average of 50 million every ten years (which is far less that the decade 1985-1995), or 5 million per year.

I know how hard it is to eat right, to lose weight, and to exercise in the midst of raising a family, playing, and working. I pledge to continue educating myself and taking steps to prevent diabetes from inflicting my family as best I can, especially during this Holiday Season so full of sugary delights and lethargy. Bring on the veggies and walks!

Won't you join me?

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