Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11, 2010: Bodies of Milk

Bought three gallons of milk at Dairy Mart yesterday. A deep, important conversation with Cassie ensued on the drive home.

Arrived home. Parked the car. Got out.

Forgot all about the milk.

Cassie left for work half an hour later. In the same car.

Evening rolled on. Cassie continued blissfully waitressing. Caroline and I were deep in studies and other evening-type activities, like throwing the dog his toy, eating corn chips, and sorting through Netflix Instant Streaming movies. Milk with the movie sounded good. Looked in the fridge.

Light bulb moment - for the fridge and me!


Caroline and I agreed that it was cold enough outside to protect the milk - probably. Cassie was due to come home within the hour. Four hours of car-milk.

Cassie came home and I merely said, "Milk," to her.

Cassie: "OH! That's what was rolling around back there. Whew. I thought it was a body."

Me: "What?!?"

Cassie: "Yeah, you know how it is. When you think it's a body you're too scared to look. So you just hope for the best."

Oh my.

(I'm happy to say the milk seems none the worse for the wear. It didn't leak, thank God! We'll drink it quickly, though. Just in case.)

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Sandy said...

Oh my goodness. Thanks so much for the laugh. I have a few milk stories too, but what I got most out of it was experience on how long it takes for milk to actually go bad.

A dead body....that's just too funny!