Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21, 2010: Respite

In a meaning-full life one must create moments of respite here and there. Otherwise the meaningfulness turns into busyness turns into hecticness turns into resentment.

Tom and I grocery shopped early Saturday morning relieved to beat the mad stampeding crowds soon to overtake stores and shoppers everywhere.

Unpacking the groceries gratefully, rather than my usual habit of talking, unpacking, ordering the kids around, and feeling fatigued from my efforts, I found myself calm. Not just a nice switch, but a choice.

Carrying the radish leaves to the compost pile offered another wise choice; yoga and tai chi atop and beneath golden maple leaves, facing a cheery, low, noon sun. Cool, fresh air filled my lungs, tightened my face, relaxed my mind.

One of the postures implored me to look all around, above, below, behind. What a beautiful day! Gold, blue, white, green, brown, red, orange, black, beagle. Yes, Sammy came out to join me.

Stretch. Bend. Breathe.

Back inside for some yogurt with nuts and a cup of Jasmine tea.

And it was only noon!

I feel great inside and out.

The giving of thanks has begun!

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cecily said...

Beautiful Cherie... thank you.