Monday, November 01, 2010

NaBloPoMo - November 1

Should I publish a post a day for the month of November? Sandy and Cecily have committed to it. I wasn't going to but maybe I should. Maybe it would be fun.

I'll post today and give myself more time to think about it.

Let me tell you about the caramel apples we made yesterday. Oh my my...

I cooked up a pot of homemade caramel. No, not the little paper wrapped cubes of caramels melted. The real deal. We dipped freshly-harvested apples from a local farm into the goo.

Then we melted milk chocolate and dipped the hardened caramel apples.

Dark chocolate followed.

Cassie drizzled white chocolate on for some pizzaz and we let the apples harden more.

Then, we sliced two of these chocolatey orbs open so we could enjoy them as we watched Disturbia.

Again, oh my my...

Thankfully, we have the self-discipline to control our intake of these decadent treats.

For now.


deanna said...

Those looked as much fun to make as to eat. Decadent but fun is okay, I say. :o)

Sandy said...

My mouth watered profusely as i read this. I've never had dipped apples. I'm sure I'll never have anything as wonderful as you make it Cherie. Please hop on the NaBloPoMo train. I would love to read what you have to say every day.

Cherie said...

Seriously considering it, Sandy. I'll see how I 'feel' tomorrow. It really is a good exercise and I've never been sorry I participated.

I see apples like these in stores now and then and I KNOW I can make them fresher and better. So, Halloween is a good proving ground. I've had my half an apple today. Better go dance it off, eh?

cecily said...

Oh. Yum.

Totally agree with you on the good exercise in daily blogging Cherie. Three days in and I'm enjoying it. Good discipline is another way of saying it I think.

Look forward to following you. :-)