Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sweet or Savory?

Tom took me to an Italian restaurant this afternoon where I ordered a garlic chicken pasta dish. The waiter smiled pleasantly and asked, "Do you like garlic, reaaallly like garlic?"

"Yes, I LOVE garlic."

Assured that I would be okay with this obviously garlic-strong dish, he stepped away to put in our order.

"I really DO love garlic," I repeated to Tom, "and onions, and herbs. MMMM. I guess I'm savory oriented."

We both paused as he gave me a knowing look.

"Yeah, I do love sweets, too. Do I have more of a savory tooth or a sweet tooth? I don't know. Both, I guess."

"You're bi-molar."

Sweet and funny and little off his rocker.


Pam said...

Bi-Molar!!! Oh, Cherie, that is too, too funny! I'm going to be using that one... I've never heard that before, but I KNOW I suffer from it. At last I have a diagnosis!!

deanna said...

This is great. I can picture the two of you at the restaurant. Love it.

I just scrolled to down to the "footer" and found your Souix Saying. Do you have Native Americans in your background? Tim's dad is one-eighth Souix.

Anyway, that's a profound statement. Thanks.

Cherie said...

Pam, another thing in common, eh, we're both bi-molar. Tom made that one up off the top of his nutty noggin! (He may have gotten it from Andy Grote!)

Deanna, my dad claims that he has some Native American blood running through his veins. His mom told him so, but I don't know how, why, what, when or where. I heard that saying at the end of a movie once, and wrote it my book of quotes. I like it, too. Thanks for noticing and commenting. :-)

tshsmom said...

LOL!! "Bi-molar" is a great term for my craving of alternating sweet and salty food!

Anonymous said...

We should submit this to the book of disorders...By-molar: curable, yet unlikely to change without proper foodication.

Cherie said...

tshs, I think it's a great term, too! Easy to use, quick to identify, and oh so universal.

Cherie said...

Book of Disorders - good idea, Sanday!

Foodication - I'm still laughing at that! Good one!

Anonymous said...

Add me to the Book of Disorders. I think I have bimolar, too! You are funny Cherie!

Cherie said...

Consider yourself added, Annie! :-)