Monday, March 05, 2007

Of Yuk.....and Dragons

Being basically computer illiterate, it has taken me awhile to discover that this blog looks really yukky when viewed with Internet Explorer - at least, when I look at it with my I.E.

I created it on Safari and Firefox, and when I look at it with those browsers I like the look. It's green and cream, orderly, easy to use, and pleasing on the eye. On Explorer it's white where it should be cream, black where it should be green, the post text should be light brown, not black, and the comments and quotes on the side, besides being hard to read, look absolutely horrid in an ugly orangey color and without their neat little boxes. Blyaaaa. Besides the colors being off, the design is all goofed up.

So, for you who see it that way, I'm sorry. I appreciate your viewership all the more, after knowing what you have to endure.

I wonder if any of you see it with Internet Explorer the way I see it with Safari and Firefox, or if it's always just going to be ukky for you?

I suppose the fact that I have an Apple Computer in a world of PCs may add to the disconnect, too.


Today a new movie theater opened in our area, offering tickets for a dollar, so the girls and I took them up on the offer. We went to see Eragon. What a wonderful way to escape! I loved it. Anytime I can escape for awhile to a fantasy land where there is no technology, I'm pretty much there.

And the way I feel now after this browser discovery, I think I'd be better off flying around on a dragon this afternoon, than sitting here griping.

I'll go walk the beagle. That always helps!

Postscript: For my own tallying, I just received my first whiff of spring through the open window - a delicate scent of something blossoming somewhere, carried on the wind, to my waiting nostrils! Be still, my heart, sunny days and happy moods are on their way!


Pam said...

Cherie, I have IE and your blog looks just like how you describe it looks in Safari and Firefox. I'm not sure why it's getting distorted when you switch to IE...? Who knows. My blog looks different on the desktop comp than it does on the laptop. Go figure.

Glad you got to escape today and I'm feeling envious of your spring scents!!

tshsmom said...

We use IE and I see it the way you described for Firefox. It must be the Mac/IE combo.

You have a beagle?! My first pet was a beagle. What a character he was!

Cherie said...

What a relief! Thanks, Pam and tshsmom! I'm pretty silly, aren't I?

Yes, we have an adorable beagle. There are a few pictures of him here on the blog somewhere. I think January'07 and December '06. Also, March '06 - "Sun, Spring, Showers" and February 06, "SNOW!!" He's a character, too, and very loved. Like a fifth child, in fact!

Thanks for the feedback about the different browsers. 'Tis a mystery.

deanna said...

Glad you enjoyed the dragon movie... I'll have to visit that new theater; was the dollar price just for today?

Cherie said...

The dollar price goes for Tuesday and Wednesday, too. There are a whole bunch of movies and times to choose from. Also, pop and popcorn can be purchased for a dollar apiece. Pretty sweet deal - cheaper than renting a video!


Imp said...

Most people us IE 6 on PC. Users of older versions will likely have trouble as they don't support newer web features. IE for mac is old as microsoft discontinued it a long time ago, so it doesn't support a lot of stuff. If you are picking themes from bloggers selection, though, and aren't hand-coding your own, it should look fine on all of the most common browsers.

Cherie said...

Again, my computer genius son answers my questions.

Thanks, Ben!!

(I was really freaking out - I'll bet you can't even IMAGINE me like that, when it comes to computers. "THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW!")

tshsmom said...

LOL! My guys are my resident computer geniuses too. They set everything up for me so I can just point and click.

Sam is adorable! I'll have to post a pic of my old beagle. Is Sam a glutton like our beagle was?

Cherie said...

Oh yeah, Sam would eat until he fell down if we let him. Once after Thanksgiving, when people were sneaking him food, he got so fat he just plopped down with a grunt. He groaned all afternoon. Then, after awhile, well, new noises and ......... things... erupted from the little guy!

Little piggie!

I'd love to see pictures of your pup sometime, tshsmom.