Thursday, March 01, 2007

Signs of Spring

Erupting all over the city are signs of spring!! Our backyard is perking up, too, as these daffodils and hyacinth attest.

Chopping wood is high on Tom's list of Favorite Things To Do. No fooling! In the rain, in work clothes, with a smile.

Cassie practiced driving again yesterday in the Autzen Stadium parking lot, with me as her 'Adult over 21' to guide her. A furious windy wet snow flurry offered itself to her growing list of inclement weather experiences. When the flakes fell hardest, she expertly stepped on the clutch and brake, yanked the emergency brake, shifted into neutral, opened her door, jumped outside and caught several snowflakes on her tongue. Caroline and I joined her!

Winter and Spring! Youth and Maturity!



All at once.

I'm feeling cheerier today.


Wandering Coyote said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. How did you find me? Nice daffs! I am so jealous! We're getting another huge dump of snow'll be a long time before we see any spring buds appearing...

Pam said...

Love the pics and descriptions, Cherie. TMBBITW d-d-d-driving??? Oy. ;-)

Glad you were able to enjoy the flurry! We just got another 14 or more inches of snow yesterday, on top of last week's 14 or so inches. I'm off to see if I have any good pics to post.

Lynn said...

Good for Cassie...she remembered to set the emergency brake and shift into neutral...while being summoned by the snow flurries. Where I live we don't get snow flurries...or snow...or real weather...except when we have the possibility of 1/2 inch of rain and the news stations flash "Storm Watch" on our TV screens.

deanna said...

Tim and Tom should swap wood-cutting stories. Tim has a stack "seasoning" on the south side of the house and several stacks in back for our woodstove.

Isn't it great being married to these woodsmen types?

Cherie said...

Hey, W. Coyote, thanks for the comment! I wonder how long it will be before you see spring flowers?

Pam, FOURTEEN INCHES A WEEK! If Cassie lived with you she could add 'Sleigh Driving' to her resume!

Lynn, how I remember the weather in sunny Calif.! One time, ONE TIME, back in my twelve year childhood of living there, we woke up to snow on the ground. A once in lifetime, freak storm hit in good ol' Los Gatos. My delighted Dad rounded us four kids up and helped us make a teeny tiny snowman who guarded our front yard for a while. It was FUN!

Deanna, yes indeed, it is great being married to the woodsman type! The bonus is that the wood they so gleefully collect actually is eventually consumed, unlike the collected stuff in the shop! :-)

Thanks one and all for your comments!

Anonymous said...

Tom looks satisfied and happy!

You are teaching Cassie to drive! Good for you! It's cute the way she stopped to catch snowflakes. We can all take a lesson from her. Stop and smell the roses, or eat the snowflakes, whichever applies.

The daffodils are pretty reminders for us all of what is to come.

Cherie said...

He is happy indeed, Annie! Although, I have to note that on Sunday, Tom had a slight bend at the waist, as if his back were noticing perhaps an overdone wood splitting session?!

The smile is still there though!

The challenging thing about teaching Cassie to drive is that all of our cars are manual, so I'm teaching her all that that entails, along with all the other stuff. We had automatic cars when I taught the boys. To be able to teach Cassie this more complicated way, has been victory for the both of us. Tom took her up to the mountains (or she took HIM) on Sunday and she had a blast! Curvy roads, pot holes, sheer cliffs. She's fine, of course, and so is he.....

....but I noticed a couple more gray hairs on MY head this morning. Yikes!