Wednesday, November 03, 2010

November 3, 2010: Fungus Among Us

Seasonal delights. How I adore them!

All around me these days are beauties above, beauties below, beauties amidst. An ordinary walk finds familiar haunts transformed into fairy lands. Luminescent leaves, fire-colored, supple on the tree, in the air, underfoot slowing my steps.

Lingering and losing myself in the magical colors becomes my habit during autumnal strolls.

Routine is interrupted as I hurry along the front walkway to the car for a daily errand. "What is that reflection?" It is a mushroom or toadstool or some other such fungus the likes of which I've never seen in my front lawn of over twenty-two years. Rain water is cupped within its upward curves reflecting the leaves of the birches above. God's tiny water-mirror catches afternoon sunlight and my eye. A miniature bath for fanciful creatures. I get down on my knees to study the sculpture. It is fantastic. Gorgeous. Mystical. Very much appreciated.

Life is fantastic, gorgeous, mystical and can be very much appreciated if only our senses harmonize with its delights.


deanna said...

"God's tiny water-mirror." Woo. Glad you captured it with camera and words.

Cherie said...

It's still there, Deanna, and there's a little water-mirror mate close by. I do believe the fairies have moved in!

maverick said...

like how you manipulate with the language there