Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If You Want It

Is it really that simple? That if I want the war to be over, and you want the war to be over, and millions of us want the war to be over that it can be? Is it really that simple? Can we ever ever ever get away from the manipulators long enough to think for ourselves, to concentrate on what unites rather than divides us? Can we get our acts together and vote the cretans out of office, vote in intelligence people whose integrity will not be bribed, bought, or sold?

Why do we let the few govern the masses while they become bloody millionaires and we scrape the bottom of our family money chests?

Who's in charge here?

Us? Them?

Good Lord!


joysong said...

Yup...really makes you wonder, doesn't it?! lol Have a happy, happy New Year, Cherie dear! Love your perspective. :o)

cecily said...

We recently watched a documentary on John Lennon and the era when this song was originally written. It was fascinating and stirring.

I agree - why don't out leaders (the world over!) listen to what the people want, instead of big money and power brokers. It is a miserable state of affairs.

tony said...

Well Said!.Best Wishes For 2010 .X

Cherie said...

Best wishes to you, too, Tony! May 2010 be one of your very best. XOX