Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thirteen - Relief

It's actually happening.

I'm enjoying the Christmas Season again.

Some moms and others may empathize with me. It gets hard, making a holiday magical year after year. One can become disillusioned when tuckered out from all the madness and being taken for granted.

But this year, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Downsizing, taking my own ridiculous expectations off my shoulders, avoiding certain things that drain drain drain me, sticking to my personal goals, and best of all, delegation.

It's made a huge difference.

The decision to enjoy Christmas was a good one. To think of the strain I put myself under all those years. I'd say, "What a waste!" but it wasn't a waste. Comparisons aid in understanding.

Oh, don't go thinking there is a lack of Christmas cheer around here. Quite the contrary. With Mom - me - relaxed and in a good mood most of the time (no one's perfect!), there is energy to decorate, shop for gifts, cook nourishing meals, bake up a storm, play play play, read, relax, walk, and enjoy all sorts of new things coming our way.

Relief. That's what I feel this Christmas. Relief that the bad guys are gone, stress is on the down low, many of my demons have been conquered, my eyes are open again to things that give me joy, and joy I have.


It's been a really long haul.


tshsmom said...

ATTA GIRL!! I'm so happy for you!
I downsized about 10 yrs ago and have NEVER regretted it.

I am jealous about you conquering your demons. Mine have really become overwhelming this year. I want to purge myself before the new year, but I've, once again, put them on the back burner for Christmas. I don't know how many Christmases we have left with Z, so I don't want to ruin this one with my demon-fighting.

On the other hand, Z is my greatest ally in my fight. He's constantly telling me: "Don't put up with that crap anymore Mom!" That kid has truly been a gift from God. ;)

Cherie said...

Thanks, Tshs.

You notice that I said 'many of my demons'. There are still a few to battle. It's a process - as you know. And like you, my kids are great helps to me. They do have a pure sense of ' Don't put up with that crap..' that really cuts through my drama.

Keep enjoying your holidays! Wish I'd downsized when you did - but, at least I'm here now.

Good to have you for a friend!

tshsmom said...

I appreciate your friendship too!

deanna said...

You go, lady. :o)