Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twenty-Three - Instinct

Like many women, I have a keen Mother's Instinct or Women's Intuition. And I listen to it as it seldom fails.

Instincts get a bum rap. Until a tragedy is averted because they are acted upon. But those instances are quickly forgotten. Science and Intellectualism stand arrogantly at the tip-top of the hill looking down on instinct and intuition, but they shouldn't.

Mysterious ways soften prideful edges, flesh out the skeleton of 'What We Should Know', creating instead creatures far grander than the most thorough college education can produce. There is more to us than the Scarecrow's Brain and the Tin Man's Heart. But that 'more' is quiet, non-intrusive. Oh, it can be loud but usually 'life' is louder. Our attention turns to the immediate, the demanding, the seemingly important and we can't hear the still small voice.

The still small voice that never says, "I told you so!" It doesn't have to. You already know.

I listen to my instincts. As a home-schooling mom I encourage the kids to 'trust your instincts' and they do. Sometimes our instincts are wrong so they shouldn't be given full reign. There seems to be some sort of connection between our sub-conscious and our conscious and I think instincts and intuition are some of the messengers that communicate to us.

If only we will listen.

I find the mystery fascinating!


tshsmom said...

Even the "experts" are now saying to listen to our instincts. Apparently, our subconscious mind soaks up more information than we're aware of. The brain sorts and stores this info just in case we need it. When the brain pushes this info into the conscious area of our brain, it's a wise move to pay attention.

I also believe there are times when God directly shoots us valuable info. It's like he slaps us upside the head and says:"Hey, will you LISTEN already?!"

A BLESSED CHRISTMAS to you, Tom, the kids, and Sam!!

Cherie said...

Tshs: And a Wonderful Christmas to you, L, Z, SME, and whoever else may show up! Good luck with the time spent with your folks. I will be thinking of you all.