Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unusual Joy

Why am I get so tickled when I open my boxes of produce and other organic goods from the farm?

My friend, Marianne, invited me to a co-op situation where several of us order supplies which are delivered to Marianne's home from out of town. All sorts of things!

Yesterday I found organic eggs in one of the boxes - deep orange yolks! Whoo-hoo!

And beautiful leeks, plump garlic, red and yellow onions, three kinds of potatoes, and forty pounds of firm, gorgeous apples.

A fat, smooth pumpkin. Organic, juicy raisins. A quart of delicious maple syrup! Oh the joy!!

And cod liver oil. Yes, you read cod liver oil. Seems the stuff, considered a sacred food in some cultures, is packed full of essentials. Foul tasting, health restoring excellence. Grandma was right. Who knew?

Maybe the uninhibited thrill is simply my instincts letting me know I'm in the presence of vital sustenance. My body says YES!

Thanksgiving is going to be more fun than ever as I share this bounty with family and friends. (No, not the cod liver oil!)

Thanks, Marianne!!


Marianne Elixir said...

Yay! Thanks for the lovely pictures. Whenever the delivery truck shows up and starts unloading boxes it always feels a little like Christmas! (um, and did my husband mention that my kids stole a couple of your apples?)

Hope it is a bountiful Thanksgiving!

Cherie said...

No, Andrew didn't tell me that the Little Dicken's pulled an Oliver and snitched some fruit. I hope the goodness of the apples makes them feel much much better - to health!

Yes, it's like Christmas!