Saturday, November 21, 2009

# 35

Do not be ashamed
or small means.
~~ I Ching 

Simplicity is the hallmark of the superior person, ostentation, the hallmark of the inferior person. If you are following the path of the superior person you are the equal of any person on earth. There is no need, therefore, to present false appearances; even with slender means, or no means at all, the sentiment of the heart can be expressed. It is not for the value of your gift that you are appreciated, but for the sentiment with which it is given and the value you hold in the eyes of the receiver.

-- wu wei


Sandy said...

This is beautiful Cherie, I need to borrow it for someone who is down in the dumps, but on top of thw world if that makes sense. Thank you for this!

Cherie said...

Hope the sentiment here helps your friend, Sandy. Thanks forletting me know!