Saturday, November 28, 2009

Simple Things - Part One

Sometimes I feel dull in a world that seems much more sophisticated than I.

Probably that is how I should feel. Because it's true.

But little things, little teeny tiny things catch my attention and I feel connected. Not to the big sophisticated world, no, but to something else. Something real. Something seemingly insignificant but in reality quite awesome.

The little bubbles in the pan when it's about to reach its boiling point, the tiny bubbles covering the eggs in that same pan, these intrigue me. I stare. Transfixed.

"Do the sophisticated take time to notice this very relaxing, beautiful happening?"

I wonder.


tshsmom said...

Nah. They make somebody else boil their eggs. ;)

We're a couple of oddballs, aren't we? "Sophisticated" events don't hold my attention at all, but put a perfectly formed snowflake on my sleeve and I'm all over it.

Cherie said...

Oh, snowflakes. Yes!!