Tuesday, November 03, 2009


From the time these girls were six, three, and three, they've been best friends.

Together they set up for Cassie and Caroline's big Halloween Harvest Party a few days ago.

This long-time friend, sharer and keeper of girl-secrets, frequent slumber party participant, phone, MySpace, and FaceBook friend, and one time longtime neighbor cheerfully and with amazement told her dear friends - my daughters - that, "Every time we get together I learn something new about you guys!"

A true compli-ment. A testament to growth and friendship.

Full of life, intelli-gence, curiosity, courage, kindness, and a good dose of spunk these three are already making their mark on their world.

They are growing up just fine.


tony said...

Yes.Friendship is dynamic & Organic and grows with the people concerned.

Cherie said...

Perfect and succinct, Tony.