Thursday, November 12, 2009

Man's Best Friend

People who have dogs are healthier than those who don't, I read somewhere. The reason is that the pups need walking and feeding along with other care, all of which gives a person exercise and purpose. In addition to increasing our physical health, agreeable dogs support our sometimes frazzled emotional health because they accept us for who we are. They are happy to join us wherever invited. They are warm and friendly. They are playful. They are satisfied with whatever we can do for them. 

Which only makes us want to do more for the joyful beings. 

Sam turned six in October. He still acts like a pup. We keep him trim and fit. I was talking to Joe about how carefully we monitor Sam's health. The beagle has gained five pounds due to an outside stressful situation forcing itself into our lives, creating a broken routine. Less walks for us all. 

Sammy's rounder belly signaled to us that we need to settle down, get back into our routine. And we have. His belly is shrinking. So are ours.

Joe and I agreed that it would be much easier to lose weight if there was no way to procure food, if someone else was completely responsible. "Here's breakfast." "Here's lunch." "Here's a three o'clock snack." "And here's supper." Additionally, if someone invited us to walk or play and we had no choice but to go - we eagerly joined in the fun -  how much easier it would be to maintain health.

Alas, it's not so simple. We really wouldn't want to give up our freedom of food and exercise choice anyway. 

But Sammy does get us moving even when the sky darkens and the wind chills and the rain drips. We go for him. He loves it! And we love him. We always return home rosy-cheeked, relaxed, and smiling...

...enough writing about it. The idea is splendid! 

Pardon me, the pup and I are heading out for a stroll. Wish you could come along!


cecily said...

We contemplate getting a dog, but because we are out so much we think it would be mean. The poor thing would be lonely and bored. But it would make for more exercise!

Cherie said...

Yes, Cecily, I agree that if a dog has to be alone alot it would be less than ideal. Lucky Sammy has someone home most of the time and he can come with us to many places, too.

You have your chickens and sheep, right? The exercise they give is in the chasing out of the garden.