Monday, November 02, 2009

Daily November Post


I'm going for it again this year.

A post a day for the entire month of November.

Can't guarantee I will be interesting.

Especially since right now I'm typing with one hand due to a badly sprained finger.

If Dave on Hell's Kitchen can win while enduring excruciating pain from a broken wrist during most of the competition, then I can figure this out with my light and momentary affliction.

The finger hurts like Hell's Kitchen though. I gotta tell ya.

And anyone who knows me very well at all knows I stubbornly resist taking meds - even ordinary pain pills.

Cowboy up!

Or something like that.

Stay tuned!


deanna said...

Sorry about your sprain. I hope it heals quickly. Did it happen during the party Saturday? I heard from James that was a fun time. :o)

Cherie said...

Actually no, Deanna. I hurt it before the party. It's mending though I remain a one-handed typist. Glad James had a fun time. Was good to see his face here!

cecily said...

Oh dear... sorry about the sore finger. I'm sorely tempted to put on my nurse voice and tell you that there are no points for stoicism! But you're not my patient and I doubt you'll get a blood cut or chest infection if you don't follow my instructions... unlike those I nurse. So I'll just be hoping you get better fast!

Sandy said...

Ohh sorry about the hand Cherie. Dave doesn't have a chance against you in the kitchen, one finger or not!

Cherie said...

I do try to take good care of things, Cecily, so don't worry. I just don't take meds. I haven't been to the doctor about my finger. I know what happened. I burned it on the oven element, then twisted it hard two times in one day. Poor thing is just feeling it. It's much better today. Thank you SO MUCH for you care. (I heard your nurse voice clear over here - it sounds like genuine compassion and concern to me.)

Sandy, I don't know. Dave's pretty good! ;)