Saturday, December 22, 2007


One of a set of five remaining ornaments, this heavy, gold orb has been passed down through Tom's branch of his family tree for five generations. Tom has respectfully hung it first on each of our Christmas trees for the past 27 years, and removes it first when the tree comes down.

It's a part of our tradition. The presence of this antique ornament serves as a constant reminder of those who have come before, and helps us remember that we carry on a tribe, a klan, a family.

Someday, if the globe survives, it will hang on a tree even while those of us in this household walk the earth no more. Someone may hang it ceremoniously, just as Tom does, and we will join those remembered. Perhaps our lives will have inspired, just as so many before have lifted and encouraged us in the living out of wisdom and love.

Christmas offers many such opportunities to get one's bearing, straighten the ship, find True North.





Anonymous said...

Wow, Cherie, what a neat thing to have. Five generations! Incredible.

Cherie said...

Yes, Patti, it is a most cherished possession and a 'neat thing to have.' Merry Christmas to you and yours!

You'll have to tell Sam for me that Joe and Logan nearly bought the farm last evening when they were traveling the icy roads from Eugene to Sisters to pick up a load of supplies in Tim's truck. They hit black ice, spun around 180 degrees while crossing the oncoming lane (Thank God no cars or trucks were coming!!!) and slid to a stop. The truck smacked against one of those reflector posts and damaged Tim's truck, but the guys are okay. They got out to push the truck out of the ditch and couldn't even walk on the road - slick with black ice. It looked completely dry! The traffic had been crawling along at 25 M.P.H., and Logan attests that Joe, the driver, did absolutely everything right and nothing wrong. NOW we hear that that is the worst stretch of road between west and east and that accidents happen multiple times a day there.

Soooo, all this to say, it's an even Merrier Christmas since God chose to spare my son yet again. (If Joe were a cat he'd be runnin' out of lives, believe me!)

Anonymous said...

YIKES! I'm so glad to hear they're okay. That's the way we came in and went out of Eugene when we were there, so I know what the road is like.

And then not to be callous, Sam emailed Joe, but maybe Joe hasn't read email in awhile because I asked him to. Sam said your pumpkin pie was the best he'd ever had. I'd like to get the recipe, please.:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, sheesh...terrible sentence construction. Joe didn't read email because I'd asked him to. I asked Sam to email Joe and ask. I'm thinking I probably should just look back in my email box and find your address.

tshsmom said...

You have just inspired me to write a post about our precious "hand-me-down" ornaments.

It's amazing to me that some families don't treasure these small bits of their heritage. I know 2 women who didn't want their mother's recipe file when she died. I can't imagine not wanting family recipes, written in their mother's hand! :(

I passed on one of our "hand-me-down" ornaments to our daughter, when she married. It has become one of her favorite ornaments. I was so relieved that she valued this part of her heritage!

deanna said...

Yes, Cherie, carrying on traditions (or even starting them) can be very meaningful. That's a beautiful ornament.

A merry, joyful, blessed Christmas to you, Tom, Caroline, Cassie, Joe, and Ben.

Cherie said...

It's okay, Patti. I do the same thing now and then. Look for a letter and recipe from me in your email box. Happy baking!

Tshs: Our tree is never one of those designer trees, no, it's covered with ornaments from the ages. Handmade ones the kids and I made, gift ornaments, funny ones, special ones from vacations, old mirrored balls from my grandparents, and such. Plus 2 dozen tiny hand painted ceramic creatures Tom's grandma painted, which mean the world to us now that she is gone. I mean, decorating the tree has become a rite of beauty and family, a ceremony of its own. I love it! Sounds like you do, too!

Deanna: Thanks, and once again, the Merriest of Christmases to you and yours! All the kids will be here Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and I am so happy.....sigh. Bliss.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely ornament! And how cool that it's been passed down through your family all these years...

p.s. Thank you for your kind comments regarding my surgery... so much appreciated! :)

Cherie said...

Thanks, Des, and you're welcome. I am relieved that your surgery went so well and that the news is good. Have a Merry Christmas!

Ann said...

A beautiful ornament. I loved this post.

Cherie said...

As always, thank you, Ann.

In reading this again through your eyes I can see that there may be some comfort there. I know this is a harder Christmas than most for you. Please know that you and your family are loved and in the hearts of many.