Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A New Day - Storm Clean-Up

The storms have come and gone leaving messes all around. In Oregon, the coast had the worst of it, with wind gusts above 120 m.p.h. Can you imagine? Trees were toppling all over. Now flooding is occurring along with landslides and power outages. A couple of people perished, which is so sad, especially at this time of year.

In western Washington massive flooding is still causing havoc, lives have been lost, travel rerouted or halted altogether. The good folks up there are being rescued and aided. It's all over the news. Our hearts and prayers go out to them all.

Thankfully we here on the Old Homestead - as Joe likes to call our place - suffered only a few broken branches and mucky lawns from all the rain. Everything else made it just fine. A little raking, replacing a bucket here, a chair there, and our clean-up was complete. Our fair city is back to normal.

As these photos show, today we had rain and sun, sometimes at the same time which is so beautiful. I love the way the sun catches each raindrop making the droplets resemble glistening diamonds falling all around. So pretty! Tall, lush evergreens were bedecked in millions of these jewels. It was far more festive than all the Christmas lights and decorations springing up in yards. But our rain sparkles are temporary, which is good news for flooded areas.

Beauty and mayhem co-existing.

Tom, Cassie, Caroline, and I ran several errands today, without our sweaters or coats! I don't know the official temper-ature, but it was pushing 70 degrees, I'm certain. "We were so freezing cold just a few days ago!" Caroline said. "So strange!"

We are supposed to clear up, dry out, and chill down again by week's end.

Thanks to all of you who expressed concern for us. We sure appreciate it!

May you be warm and safe where ever you are!


deanna said...

Gorgeous photos. What an exciting storm. I think living near Chehalis right now would be a little too exciting.

Cherie said...

Yes, we were lucky here even while others are having quite a rough time of it. Too exciting is right. I feel so sorry for the flooded folks and the wind-whipped.

tshsmom said...

Beautiful pics!
I'm so thankful that you guys are OK!

Cherie said...

Thanks, tshs. Me, too!

Hope you guys are faring well in the bitter cold. Got a wood stove?

tshsmom said...

No, our insurance won't cover wood heat. We just got a load of fuel oil at $3.54/gal. Thank God I've been putting away money for this all summer!

Cherie said...

Yes, thank God! Whew. Expensive stuff. We have natural gas and just got a whopper of a bill after our cold snap. Yeouch! We are going to put in a wood stove after the addition is done, in our new family room which has yet to be renovated. Love wood heat, but our house here has always been too small to give up space. For now though, we keep yelling at the kids to 'close the door!' as the money flies out with the heat these days.

And there you are below zero!

I'm glad you have heat, though! : D

Anonymous said...

I'm relieved that you are alright Cherie. These photos are so pretty!

Cherie said...

Thanks, Annie. I'm relieved, too. Looks like things are improving in the areas that were hit the hardest, too. Thank God!