Monday, December 10, 2007

Quiet Place to Rest

This is John Denver singing Noel: Christmas Eve, 1913 by Robert Bridges, while a slideshow of traditional prints illustrates Christmases past. This song has been repeating through my mind with each winter day that glows and darkens as I anticipate the quiet dawning of Christmas Morning and all that its celebration means to me.

I hope it gives you a quiet place to rest for a few moments, too.

Noel: Christmas Eve, 1913

A frosty Christmas eve when the stars were shining,
I traveled forth alone where westward falls the hill.
And from many, many a village in the darkness of the valley,
Distant music reached me, peals of bells a-ringing.

Then sped my thoughts to olden times, to that first of Christmas's
When shepherds who were watching heard music in the fields.
And they sat there and they marveled and they knew they could not tell
Whether it were angels or the bright stars a-singing.

But to me heard afar it was starry music,
The singing of the angels, the comfort of our Lord.
Words of old that come a-traveling by the riches of the times,
And I softly listened, as I stood upon the hill.
And I softly listened, as I stood upon the hill.

~~~by Robert Bridges, 1936


Anonymous said...

Thank you Thank you Cherie! This is perfect for me right now. It calms me.

The one below with the Muppets is sweet too. I showed my kids the one of the 12 Days of Christmas with JD and the Muppets and they laughed along with me. Thanks for the memories.

Cherie said...

I'm so glad you find the same joy in these simple, fun, heartwarming videos that I find, Annie. Thanks for letting me know!

Oh, and you're welcome. ;)

Alan said...

Hello Cherie, my where have I been. I blinked, and a time flew. You have been busy, still in the festive mood- good for you.
I've been so self absorbed these days staring at the screen, clicking on the keys ..... like a bad dream ..... nothing coming out, and neglecting to visit, my fellow bloggers to see how they're getting on.
I am glad I came by, you put me in a good mood- thank you. It has been a long time since I heard John Denver I'd nearly forgotten about him. I like some of his songs, a powerful voice, and seemingly a cool guy. Sad about his early demise. I think if he were alive today he would have been even more active environmentally, no doubt.
Thanks Cherie, glad you're well, and I' no-doubt in again before the holiday.

Alan said...

PS: ..... and I'll no-doubt drop in again before the holiday.
I am asleep .... puts me in mind of a verse: "I feel like I'm sleeping
Can you wake me
You seem to have a broader sensibility
I'm just living on nerves and feelings
With a weak and a lazy mind
And coming to peoples blogs
Fumbling deaf dumb and blind"
;-) ;-)

Cherie said...

Your poem made me smile, Sean. I get that way, too. A LOT. ;)

Yes, no doubt John Denver would still be quite active environmentally. It was a passion with him.

My head is swimming with things I want to say but when I try to pull the thoughts together I become overwhelmed with inner-interruptions. Yes, my mind interrupts itself. So strange.

Once the holidays are past maybe you and I will find our words again.

In the meantime, float along until those feelings and nerves give way to sensibility once more. That's my plan, anyway, for you describe me!