Sunday, December 02, 2007

December Storm

It was a dark and stormy morning...

Yeah, and it still is. Stuff is blowing everywhere, the electricity comes and goes, the rain continues to pelt the windows.



Alan said...

What on earth is it about a storm?
I too love the sound of rain lashing against the window, the wind blowing, hats flying, umbrellas turning inside out, getting indoors, lighting a fire and huddling around with a hot drink everybody safe and sound. Great!
I guess it brings us together against the elements, the harsh, and there lies the comfort of life itself.
Short and sweet. Great post!

tshsmom said...

We got 6 inches of snow over the last 2 days. This was interspersed with -10F nights. I love it!

NOW, it feels more like Christmas!

Cherie said...

You described it perfectly, Sean. And this "I guess it brings us together against the elements, the harsh, and there lies the comfort of life itself." YES!

While the winds were howling and the rain splattering one of our long-time friends showed up on our doorstep, just for a visit. Perfect timing! Tom needed a break from wiring our addition, the girls had just frosted a batch of pumpkin/raisin/walnut cookies, and I'd just finished wrapping a bunch of Christmas gifts. We shared hot beverages, a few cookies, and some great hours catching up. The storm provided the background noise - so comfy and cozy in our warm little house! Safe amidst the wild howling storm.

Tshs: Yahoo! Snow! I'll bet your decorations look sensational in your white wonderland. (-10 below - brrrrr! We couldn't figure out why our bedroom was so cold until we realized that the insulation over the ceiling had been removed to facilitate the blending of the rooftop for the addition. Had some leftover insulation, Tom laid it out, and last night we slept 'indoors' for a change. Wow it had been cold! But we only got to the low 20's. You guys are tougher than we are! ;-D)

Thanks for the comments you two. It makes me feel like we are sharing this storm together.

deanna said...

You guys get the fun, with the power flickering and all. Tim would like the lights to go out, so he could pull out his Honda generator. Except, I guess, he wouldn't've wanted to today, since he's been sick.

We'll see what blows this way tomorrow. Sleep warm!

IndianaJones said...

We too had stormy weather. 3 inches of snow yesterday but gone today to a grey and pouring down rainy day that we have been out and about in all morning. This is my absolute FAVORITE. I think I might have reverse seasonal disorder...the more rain and grey that comes the happier I am!
Here's to more rain!

Cherie said...

Deanna, the storm raged all the wilder all night long here. Howled passed our window, stuff was scraping and creaking and thunking all around the neighborhood. Branches down. WILD! We were warm, yes, but sleep - no way. YAWN! :-)

Summer - you sound like my kids! They LOVE this kind of weather. Once when it was a gray rainy day Joe looked outside and said, "Ah, another beautiful Oregon day!" And he was serious. We all like the rain and wind, too. You are luckier than we. You've had snow. We've only had some mushy sleety stuff.

Here's to a winter full of wild, wet, rainy, snowy wonderful Oregon weather!

Cherie said...

Summer; P.S. "Reverse seasonal disorder" - I'm going to pass that one on to Joe! (Joe if you are reading, this is YOU, too! Though I know you won't want to call it a disorder - you'll call it something like, oh, let's see, something superior....)

Sandy said...

Hey I heard about the weather! Keep us posted on how you're doing! Enjoy the rest.

Cherie said...

Thanks, Sandy!

So far we've only lost a few branches on our property. Slept great last night and today is blue sky.

Clean-up begins! Trees, branches, and debris are in places they aren't meant to be. I don't know if anyone has lost their life or not, but I know one guy had a tree fall on him. He's in the hospital and is going to be okay. An exciting storm that had some unfortunate consequences.

I'll report more later - thanks for your concern, Sandy! ;)

tshsmom said...

I'm glad you posted an update!
I heard the news about the weather in Washington and Oregon and immediately started worrying about you guys. It sounds like your area missed the worst of it.

Cherie said...

Yes, we got blown around and rained on, but all in all we survived just fine. I feel guilty saying it was fun when people are suffering the effects, and some folks even lost their lives. But it was very exciting.

My newest post describes a little more.

Tom is jealous that you guys have snow!

Thanks for your concern, Tshs!