Sunday, December 14, 2008


Stupid cold.

I've been fighting it off since my exposure on Thanksgiving weekend.

Cassie and Caroline have had it. Caroline is not 100% back to health, yet, but almost.

I fought it off last weekend and felt great all week. Energy. Clear-headed. Happy.

Saturday morning - yuck. Today, worse yuck.

I ask myself why I fight so valiantly. Why don't I just run outside into the frigid weather in my underwear and let the battle be won by the enemy? "Take what you want and LEAVE ME ALONE!"

But, I'm a fighter.

Maybe I'm the stupid one.


Sandy said...

Get out that zinc, get into bed, and baby yourself for one day! Take good care Cherie, hope you get well and feel like your cheerie self soon.

deanna said...

Like Sandy, I wish you wellness soon!

thebookbaglady said...

'Tis the season....Annie has a cold, too. I wonder how many of us will soon have it.
Love, Gretchen

Mike S said...

Hope you feel better soon. Been battling colds here on & off for last month. Every time we think they're gone, we get re-exposed.

Nice parade. We don't have one like that in our local area. But we do have 'Chester Greenwood' festival weekend & parade on 1st weekend of Dec every year in the very small city (-8K pop) to our north. (he invented earmuffs there, Farmington, Maine)

tshsmom said...

I hope you can all kick this bug before Christmas!!

I LOVE the Grinch comment on your sidebar! That's my favorite part of the whole story!

Cherie said...

Sandy: Been sucking zinc for weeks now. I do believe it makes the illness less severe.

BBL: Sorry to hear it! Don't get sick. You're too nice!

Mike: Earmuffs, eh. We all owe a debt to Chester then, don't we. Exposed or re-exposed. That is the question.

Tshs: I, too, hope we are healthy again by Christmas! Got company coming on Thursday. Doing my best to get well.

To all of you, thanks for the kind words and well wishes. Woke up this morning with knives cutting my throat - or so it felt. Hot tea, more zinc, lozenges, orange juice, soup. Throat about 50% better, but am afraid the nose has decided to play a part. Dang!

On the upside, it snowed last night and everything is gorgeous! Am nearly done with my last Christmas craft/gift. Most of the gifts are wrapped. Can't complain ---- or can I? Ha! ; )