Thursday, December 04, 2008

Low Sun, But SUN!

As winter approaches, that great ball of fire hugs the southern horizon more and more. Thankfully the weatherman got it wrong - we haven't endured ten days of fog, low clouds, no sun, "Sorry, folks."

Today the sky is clear blue and the sun's generous, warm energy makes its way to the soil.

And to my skin!

A sunny spot, a pair of shorts and sleeveless shirt, a beagle at my feet. Relief!

Cold invigorates. Rain pleases the senses. Fog makes for introspection and mystique. Snow muffles and soothes. Unexpected, unfiltered sunshine stimulates!

This sort of winter weather-stew I can live with.


Wandering Coyote said...

Beautiful and sunny here, too, but FREEZING!

Cherie said...

It's colder where you are than here, WC. Stay warm and dry!

We did dip into the mid-twenties last night. Cold for us. But the sunshine during the day, even though the temps are only in the 40's, makes it seem a lot warmer.

Sandy said...

Even though it's cold most of the time now, when the sun is out, I can feel the warmth from it. Being outside all the time has given me a different view of the winter warmth. Perhaps I'll be complaining when it's below zero degrees Fehrenheit, but right now I feel those sunny days. Oh it feels so good too!

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. I think we're in a whole different world though since we regularly do get below freezing, but we have lots of sunshiny days.

Not that I'm saying anything very profound (too busy doing the technical angle), but I've combined my website and blog and so now they're all found at

I love the cold days, but at least in part because of the contrast with the wonderfully toasty indoors.

thebookbaglady said...

I'm so glad the weatherman got it wrong! The fog puts me into a dozey sort of coma. The sun has been so wonderful--I think maybe I can cope with the oncoming fog--my tank is somewhat full. :-)
Love, Gretchen

Cherie said...

Sandy: It does feel good when sunshine is here. We had fog today and it was nice, too. Once in awhile. It really is different being out IN the weather as opposed to scurrying into it from car to store to car and such.

Patti: Yes, the contrast with warm and toasty inside it a real treat! I'll check out your site!

BBL: Today made me feel the coma onset, yes, indeed! I know what you mean...

Gardenia said...

More gorgeous pics and poetry too - - beautiful.

Cherie said...

Thanks, G!