Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Five Days 'Til Winter

With winter still five days away we're enjoying its Pre-show.

I've learned a few things this morning.

While hunting for winter photos I can only stand bare-footing it on shoveled sidewalks in 10 degree weather for approximately 90 seconds before I, California-native though I be, begin to hop and howl and run for the heated tile in the house. Wimp.

To find the warmest spot in the house, follow the beagle.

Tom loves his job when the weather grows frozen - driving heavy, dual-tired shop trucks around town in the twinkling freeze of snowy nights, under a slivered moon. He's working 12 hour shifts until the storms pass - a keeper of our safety.

Glittering reflected sunlight off frozen-snow takes my breath away - still.

Now, where did I put my wool socks!?


tshsmom said...

I'll venture onto the frozen porch in stocking-feet to put the dog out, but I'm not going outside barefoot! At -25F I'm afraid my warm feet would freeze to the sidewalk, just like tongues on flagpoles.

We had the most beautiful navy-blue sunrise this morning! Cold weather breeds breath-taking sunrises. ;)

Cherie said...

LOL. Feet frozen like tongues on the flagpole! I got a good picture of that - you banging on the door asking L or Z to "LET ME IN!! Get some warm water to unfreeze me!"

Yes, cold weather adds a whole new dimension to the glories of nature.

deanna said...

Pretty, sparkly snow. I drove past your area today, slowly, heart pounding, and made it home again. Whew.

Hope you found your socks.

Robyn McIntyre said...

Cherie, has anyone had any problems with your feed besides me? My rss is displaying your posts from a month ago and no recent stuff.

Love the pics!

Cherie said...

Deanna, found 'em and am wearin' 'em! Glad you made it home safely!

Robyn, I don't know? Puzzling.

Is anyone else having trouble with my feed? If so, what do I do?