Monday, June 25, 2007

Standing on Tiptoe

"He whose law is within himself
Walks in hiddenness.
His acts are not influenced
By approval or disapproval.
He whose law is outside himself
Directs his will to what is
Beyond his control
And seeks
To extend his power
Over objects.

He who walks in hiddenness
Has light to guide him
In all his acts.
He who seeks to extend his control
Is nothing but an operator.
While he thinks he is
Surpassing others,
Others see him merely
Straining, stretching
To stand on tiptoe.

When he tries to extend his power
Over objects,
Those objects gain control
Of him.
He who is controlled by objects
Loses possession of his inner self:
If he no longer values himself,
How can he value others?
If he no longer values others,
He is abandoned.
He has nothing left!"

~~Chuang Tzu


Anonymous said...

Your sunset photographs are awesome! Powerful post, Cherie. It's making me think, but you are good at that. ;)

Cherie said...

Thanks, Annie. Thinking is good. :-)

the moose buyer said...

Growing up in Canada, I have to admit I do miss the changing colors of the maple trees.

Lately, we here in Southern California seem to have only two colors, beige and brown. Having spent the past week in Green Iowa reminded me just how much I do miss seeing colors.

Cherie said...

Autumn leaves are one of nature's delights, that's for sure. I'll have to stop by and see how your trip went, Moose Buyer. Hope it was all you hoped for. :-)


Challenging thoughts, and a superb picture. (Although I have to say that Sunday's picture of fruit also had my mouth watering.)

Cherie said...

I'm still mulling those words over in my own head, Iain. Challenging to me, too.

Thanks for the kind words about the pictures. (The fruit was every bit as satisfying as it looks - so was the sunset. :-)