Saturday, March 06, 2010

6/31 As I Was Saying....Sniff

"A good heart is both important and effective in daily life. If in a small family, even without children, the members have a warm heart for each other, a peaceful atmosphere will be created. However, if one of the persons feels angry, immediately the atmosphere in the house becomes tense. Despite good food or a nice television set, you will lose peace and calm. Thus, things depend more on the mind than on matter.

Matter is important, we must have it and we must use it properly, but in this century we must combine a good brain with a good heart." ~~ the Dalai Lama
In attempting to pontificate on this quote effort is lost. All deleted, I give up. Scents of citrus, apple, cake, toasting bread crumbs, and is that pork? It's Saturday and Cassie is cooking/baking.

The sun is high in the sky hollering at me not to miss it. "Come out here. Get away from that computer, woman!"

All the while The Who wonder who I am, Mick can't get no satisfaction and right now Sir Paul is fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops his mind from wandering.

My roof must be sound because my mind is wandering.

Those scents! That music! The pestering sunshine!

Concentration befuddled.

The food? Schnitzel with homemade applesauce of a specific variety being made right now, Orange Glazed Carrots, and Petit Fours made this morning.

How am I to focus? Weak mind, today my mind is weak weak weak. But my senses run in perfect order.

I'm going for a walk in the sunshine. Then, I'm going to dine on the best food to be found in Eugene/Springfield today.

You can thank the rockers, the daughter's culinary abilities, and the sunbeams blazing through my normally storm-darkened window.

You've been spared.

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