Friday, March 19, 2010

19/31 Lucid Dreaming

I lucid dream.

My dreams are sometimes very helpful to me. Many a solution or problem has been solved while lucid dreaming.

And sometimes my dreams take me away to places lovely and perfect. While lucid dreaming I can banish the blue meanies of my life and pursue loveliness.

I went to bed last night with wet hair and woke up looking like Lady Gaga. Well, my hair did. I bet she'd pay a pretty penny for my style. But it's mine today. I'm keeping it. I feel funky. If I go out I'll 'fix it' because I'm sort of a coward.

Controlling dreams and knowing I'm dreaming and remembering my dreams. It makes the idea that all that time spent asleep is not wasted after all but used to good purpose. A whole other dimension.

For today, I shall take my Gaga and enjoy the sun, roast a turkey breast, cash my tax refund, walk my dog, hug my kids, kiss my husband - a good long kiss - and smile all day because Spring Break has begun.

See you in my dreams - if you're lucky!


Marianne Elixir said...

Be bold! I want to see your lovely hair (though, I also understand hiding it, as I refuse to go to bed with wet hair for the very same reason!)

deanna said...

I rarely ever dream lucidly. You'd think I would get it, after all these years, and not be surprised anymore upon waking. But I almost always am. Yet dreams are still (usually) fun.