Thursday, March 11, 2010

11/31 - Vindication

Late in the summer of 2009 the City of Eugene enforced a mandatory furlough reducing the hours of its employees and thus, their pay. This illegally broke the union contract but complaints fell on deaf ears.

The union worked together.

Yesterday Tom received this letter at work:
We received the ruling from the arbiter, Luella E. Nelson, who ruled in favor of the workers and the sanctity of our contract with the City of Eugene. This award clarifies that the City cannot use furloughs as a cost cutting measure. Arbiter Nelson directed the City to stop the mandatory furloughs, pay full restitution for hours lost due to the furlough, and give clear instructions on the layoff provisions of the contract.
Bottom line? The City is now paying for nothing.

But we'll take the check for it is money Tom should have earned in hours he should have been allowed to work.

It'll be nice to return to 'normal.'


flask said...


it's sad, though, that the city is now paying for nothing; for sure that money will come from somewhere.

i can only hope that the city's stupidity isn't going to be placed as too heavy a burden on other working people, or on services that people need.

Cherie said...

Thanks, Flask!

I agree in the hope that the money having to be spent all at once like this seems like a drain. From what I gather, though, the City has a huge amount tucked away for 'an emergency.' If only they'd used that money during the hardest months (as the union suggested) - to get through - they wouldn't be having to use it now, and probably having to use more than they would have.

cecily said...

Sounds like a bit of a doosy... glad you've made it through ok on the reduced hours.

A private company here did the reduced hours things last year, but all employees got to vote on it. A that stage it was a matter of work less hours or the business go bust, so they reduced their hours. Business still went into receivership, but the receivers have turned it around and it is now making a profit again. Sometimes there are happy endings! :-) (although the story continues, so it's only a part ending I guess)

Cherie said...

I hope your story maintains its happy ending, Cecily.

Strange times, these.