Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10/31 Fresh Air

Cassie told me this morning that she and Caroline were having a terrible time falling asleep last night.

Finally, they opened their window a little.

Fell right to sleep.

The best sedative in the world is to be hydrated and sleep with a window cracked, even if the temperature is in the mid-30's. (I have to say it can be too cold to sleep with the window open, for me anyway, but high 20's or mid-30's are just fine.)

The disconnect between nature and individual causes all sorts of malfunction from insomnia, to headaches, to depression, to obesity, to pent-up emotions of the unnecessary type. We were not made to exist predominantly within walls and ceilings but to live, move, and have our being in conjunction with the earth, air, wind, fire, seasons, hot and cold, flora and fauna.

Sometimes, when it's hot or the Perseids are playing in the sky the kids, Tom, and I sleep outside on the lawn. I never sleep better than under the moon, stars, and in the cool night air. I awaken refreshed, early, with the sun gently warming me announcing that the day has begun. Though my sleeping bag may be damp with dew on the top I am always warm and toasty inside, sometimes with my cat or dog curled up next to me.

Fresh air. Connection. I forget the importance and then am reminded. Today by a daughter finally enacting what I've been telling her for years.

Fresh air will help you sleep.


cecily said...

:-) I don't think I'm much of an outdoor sleeper, but you have me almost convinced...

Speaking of getting back to realness and nature, I'm reading an interesting book at the moment called 'Dietary healing: the complete detox program' by Kathryn Alexander. Sounds really, really good, but I've gotten a bit slack with my healthy eating lately, so just weighing up if I have the motivation for a major detox diet. I'll keep you posted :-)

Cherie said...

"Almost convinced." Hmmm....I'll have to work harder at it. :D

I look forward to knowing if you become sufficiently motivated for another detox. A 'major' one sounds - well, like something one would have to be quite inspired to undertake.

I'm going to look at that book on Amazon. Sounds interesting, for sure.