Sunday, March 28, 2010

28/31 - Stillness

"Stillness can be a powerful answer to the noise of others. It can be a way to push back against the buzz of the world, to take control. It can remind you of what’s important.

How to Practice

Stillness, oddly, doesn’t come naturally to many people. So practice.

1. Start your day in stillness. Whether it’s sitting with a cup of coffee as the world awakes, or sitting on a pillow and focusing on your breath, stillness is a powerful way to start your day. It sets the tone for things to come. Even 5-10 minutes is great.

2. Take regular stillness breaks. Every hour, set an alarm on your computer or phone to go off. Think of it as a bell that rings, reminding you to be still for a minute. During this minute, focus first on your breathing, to bring yourself into the present. Let the worries of the world around you melt away — all that is left is your breath. And then let your focus expand beyond your breath to your other senses, one at a time.

3. When chaos roars, pause. In the middle of a crisis or a noisy day, stop. Be still. Take a deep breath, and focus on that breath coming in, and going out. Find your inner stillness and then let your next action come from that stillness. Focus on that next action only.

Let stillness become your most powerful action. It could change your life."

~~Leo Babauta


tshsmom said...

Great advice!
#1 I do on weekends. I get up too early on weekdays. I could get up, I don't think so.

#3 is the one I need to practice more. I tend to let the adrenaline take over in chaos situations. This usually works, but there are times when stillness would work better.

Cherie said...

Tshs: # 3 is the harder of the three for sure. Once a person gets there life takes a whole new turn, I imagine. I'm working on it, too.

Good luck to us both!

Now, shhhhh.