Friday, February 27, 2009

Never Too Young for Paul

Last night I happened upon this on PBS.

As my two guitar-playing musicians prepped for beddie-bye, toothbrushes bulging from cheeks, bleery-eyed, and jammie-clad they heard Paul McCartney singing and playing from our television. Good ears, especially for teenagers who were talking a mile a minute, yes, even with toothpaste and brushes polishing their teeth. You know how it goes.

First one daughter, then the other wandered into the room.

"It's Paul!" (The Beatles are favorites around here, on all of our iPods and frequently in the CD player in the car.)

Suddenly bedtime was deemed unnecessary. Listening, watching, and learning took precedence.

And leaning toward the TV to soak it all in.

And smiling.

Cassie has been playing classical guitar for nearly three years now, while Caroline is coming up on her one year anniversary of electric guitar lessons. (You should hear Caroline play the riff for Day Tripper. Amazing.)

Paul found an audience with them. And with me.

Not only did he sing some old - familiar to us - songs to new music ("An old woman in a new dress," he explained prior to singing Lady Madonna) but he sang newer ones as well, such as the delightful English Tea.

He also demonstrated recording the layering of various instrumental and other sounds one upon another until an entire number was complete. Glorious fun! All done in Studio 2 at London's Abbey Road Studios where most of the Beatles' recordings were made.


The girls and I were wishing it didn't end. Such enjoyment.

Worth a peek.


tshsmom said...

We're all fans here too, except for Z.
I think SME's favorite Christmas present was when we bought her all of The Beatles CDs. When she left home, we made a copy for ourselves...shhhh, don't tell anybody that we're closet pirates. ;)

Cherie said...

We shall have to lure Z over to the bright side!

(Shhh...I won't tell. Lips=sealed! ;)

tony said...

Cherie! have you seen THIS????

Cherie said...

Tony, I have seen it now. Just finished watching it. Thanks. Gotta love fans. I would have LOVED to have been there - up close and personal.

My sister-in-law saw Paul in Las Vegas a few years ago. She and two of her teenage daughters. Said the concert was FANTASTIC.

I wonder, have you seen any or all of the Beatles? You must have, being a Brit and all. ;)