Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spring and Yet Not

"I think we should say it's spring when the flowers start to push up through the ground and bud on the trees instead of from an equinox date on a calendar, " said Cassie at supper.

"I think it should count when you feel like it's spring," replied Caroline.
And I agree with both girls. While I know that February in western Oregon is known for having Spring Teasers, still, if it LOOKS and FEELS like spring, even though that first warm waft has yet to breeze upon our skin and thrill our senses, it's spring.

I pruned back my bushy herbs - lavender and two types of sage - and did some weeding and sweeping. Tom mowed the lawns - big difference - tidied the yard, and weeded. The girls weeded and hand-tilled our little veggie garden area, cut back the dead zebra grass and carpet-of-snow, and weeded the strawberry patch.

Afterwards, we celebrated with a hot meal which included our last CSA delicata squash, fresh California asparagus, meatloaf, baby red potatoes with butter and basil, and still warm vanilla pudding for dessert. We toasted with cold grape juice in goblets: "To the beginning of spring! We work now to create beauty and food for later. Cheers!"

Dishes washed, showers taken, we gathered together in the living room to watch Much Ado About Nothing.

A very enjoyable family day!

Cheers to you, too!


tony said...

the snowdrops are peeking through here.A Sure Sign!
Its "felt" like Spring this week.Nothing tanigible.Maybe Spring is a state of mind??!!!
Regards To You & Yours

Cherie said...

A state of mind - definitely!

Blessings to you and yours as well, Tony.

Wandering Coyote said...

I'll be lucking if I see any greenery poking up before JUNE!

Cherie said...

Do you still have snow, WC?

Wandering Coyote said...

Several feet, in fact!

Cherie said...

Oh wow - I hope this post about spring gives you hope.

(Though you know I DO love the snow.)

Anonymous said...

So happy to read the latest. Check in every day to know how all is going in your busy life. We are in Manteca, CA in the rain - just kicking back. Love. AJ & UF

Cherie said...

Thanks, AJ & UF. Another lovely day has dawned. Glad to hear you are kicking back - sounds good! Love you, too!!!

cecily said...

No, no, no... I don't want it to be spring for you cause that means autumn for me. Selfish I know... although now that autumn is definitely showing signs of being here I'm enjoying it.

Cherie said...

That's what I think when you become excited at spring's approach. No no no - that means summer's end for me.

But, like you, I do enjoy the fall and then the resting time of winter.

For now, we have spring, then cold and rain even some snow. Spring is coming in fits and starts and flubs, but it's trying.