Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Morning - Page Seventy-Seven

"Only those people whom we know and who create problems for us really provide us with a good opportunity to practice tolerance and patience." ~~ The Dalai Lama's Book of Wisdom
If you are reading this post, know that the quote does not refer to you. It's about that certain long- distance someone who, try as we may, will not exit our lives nor take any steps to tone down their sniping, grudging, or subterfuge.

Yesterday was a glorious day of sunshine, friends, Super Bowl fun, and evening family relaxation. Early in the morning we decisively - mentally - booted this person from entering our home via our conversation or very thoughts. "Out you go!" Our mindful reprieve freed us to fully give our best to those we love, who bring happiness to our home.

Relaxing though the Sunday be, the week, however, was much different. This quote with its positive wisdom has come at a good time, the beginning of a new week, hopefully void of said negativity or on the other hand, full of opportunities to practice tolerance and patience.

I'm hoping for peace.

Pray for me.



His Love is the Theme of My Song said...

Praying for you, dear sister...

I love you!

Anonymous said...

I pray for peace and (Orthodoxically speaking) mercy to you and yours! Yesterday was wonderful. Thanks so much. Now I must go find where I set my reading glasses...;o)

tshsmom said...

I have a paranoid schizophrenic MIL, and a hypochondriac SIL that give us a LOT of long distance grief, so I can sympathize with your plight!

Leave it to the Dalai Lama to give us the perfect words of comfort to reinforce our fortitude.

Cherie said...

Janet, I can always count on you. Thanks. Miss you!

Deanna: I accept your mercy prayer - Orthodoxically or otherwise. I hope haven't lost your 3-D glasses! 'Chuck' is on tonight! B-)

Tshs: I'm beginning to think the person to whom I refer in this post has some sort of disorder, too. Long distance grief. Oy. At least there are spaces in the grief - it appears so unexpectedly, though. Phone calls. Mail. Ugh.

Yes, good ol' Dalai Lama and his calm-headed perspective.

Sandy said...

The term stalker comes to mind; I hope it's not that bad Cherie, you don't deserve anything like that. I sympathize with you though. I used to get annonymous letters in my last job where the person threatened me. I had to deal with it, but it was so awful.

Please know that I think of you and wish this person away for you.

Cherie said...

Sandy, it's not a stalker, thank goodness, but a very persistently intrusive, unreasonable, seemingly paranoid individual who has to be 'dealt with.' It is awful, as you described.

Thanks for thinking of me - of us - and wishing the person away.

Gardenia said...

Such a tranquil picture - I love black birds. Yeh. Wisdom to shut out the gloom bringers - I used to have a pastor that said sometimes people can be spiritual vampires -
I never forgot that - you are strong and beautiful inside (and otu) and people are attracted to your strength - you are so wise to protect yourself and your family from those that do drain you...

Cherie said...

Spiritual vampires! I LOVE that. Because it's so on the nose.

Thanks for the kind words, Gardenia. Like soothing medicine.