Monday, April 06, 2009

Temporarily Out of Service

Three days of sunshine so far, windows and doors wide open, zorries on feet, flowers popping up EVERYWHERE, Tom tidying the yard, the girls and I pulling nails from building project lumber, squirrels taunting the beagle, symphony of lawn mowers in the neighborhood, weeds sprouting in spite of my cursing at their little selves, soil damp rather than saturated, peat pots on the window sill sprouting garden plants, and blossoming trees joyously waving limb-arms to the heavens in celebration of Spring, of Easter, of Resurrection!

With company coming for Easter weekend my week is full of lists: "Chores", "Menus", "Groceries".

At our noon meal we are reading aloud, Christ in the Passover. Sets the mood for the week.

This is my favorite Holiday. It's the most spiritually meaningful to me and it's easy compared to Christmas or Thanksgiving.

I find myself contemplative.

I find myself energized.

I find myself eager to host my family and friends this weekend.

And I find myself relaxed into the spirit of the holiday.

Happy Easter, everyone, whatever your spiritual leanings.

I'll see you on the other side.


Pam said...

Happy Easter, Friend.

cecily said...

I'm really looking forward to Easter too... I've been doing a series of Lent readings and I think I am in the right place to reflect and be thankful and worshipful.

Happy Easter Cherie (and your family of course!)

tshsmom said...

Thanks for sharing a glimpse of spring!

I won't be starting our tomato plants before this weekend. Watching the seeds sprout will be the only growth we'll see for a few weeks.

A Blessed Easter to ALL of you!!